Employment Tribunal Fees Abolished

Employment Tribunal Fees Abolished

  • Date: Wednesday 30th August 2017
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In 2013, the Government introduced Employment Tribunal Fees in a bid to weed out false claims and opportunists, engaging ‘no-win-no-fee’ services.

Now, four years on, claim submissions are at an all-time low, with many cases being settled on the courtroom steps or during conciliation with ACAS.  Unions have argued for a long time that the fee system discriminates against employees on low incomes and prevents justice from being served.

And now, the Supreme Court has agreed and fees have been abolished!

The Government have agreed to re-pay fees generated over the past 4 years to claimants, which will be around £32M.

Any claims going forward can be filed without the submission fee and hearing fees will also not apply.

ACAS conciliation remains part of the claims process.

There has also now been the first ever case revival following a breach of time limit on submission. Ms Dhami will have a second chance to bring a case against Tesco Stores Ltd, as the only reason she did not pursue her discrimination claim in a timely fashion was due to lack of funds.



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