All You Need to Know About the Taylor Review

All You Need to Know About the Taylor Review

  • Date: Monday 24th July 2017
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What is the Taylor Review?

It is an Independent Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy, which was commissioned by the Prime Minister on 1 October 2016.

It focuses on the following areas:

  • Security, pay and rights
  • Progression and training
  • The balance of rights and responsibilities
  • Representation
  • Opportunities for under-represented groups
  • New business models


Following the rise of the gig economy and in the run-up to Brexit negotiations, the review was commissioned to make recommendations on how to best align our current legal framework with modern economy demands.

What does it say?

In a nutshell, the main findings of the report are:

  • Many Employers, as well as Employees, value the flexibility of Zero hour contracts and it would be a mistake to abolish these.  However, further protection must be established for employees, avoiding exploitation of these terms.
  • Government should consider the introduction of a new category of worker, called ‘dependent contractor’, which sits between contractors and employees. Employers should pay NI for these individuals, grant holiday and statutory sick pay and minimum wage, but also be able to terminate services or work more flexibly.
  • Cash jobs should be phased out, since they are mostly untaxed. Instead, PayPal or Worldpay should be used to transfer payments, making them more trackable.

How does this affect employers?

The Government will lean on the Taylor report when considering employment law changes over the coming years. The report has been criticised by Unions for not going far enough to prevent worker exploitation so for now we will have to wait and see how it will eventually translate into legislation.


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