Moving on - Considerations for your office move

Moving on - Considerations for your office move

  • Date: Friday 23rd June 2017
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As businesses grow, decisions may have to be made on office accommodation and sometimes, a move is inevitable.

But often this is not as simple as relocating people and desks and employers must be aware of common pitfalls, that can affect staff morale and even have legal implications.


1.      Are you relocating to premises nearby?

If the new site puts additional cost and travel time on your employees, then you must consult over the changes, since they constitute an amendment to their terms and conditions of employment.


2.      Have you communicated the move?

Generally speaking, people don’t like change. So, it is important that you explain why a move is required and point out the advantages of the new location. Ensure that you don’t leave communication to the last minute and that nobody feels left out because they work part time or are on leave.


3.      Ask for help.

The technicalities of a workstation set-up may not be your specialism – why not ask the people who will have to work in the new environment? Ask your office manager to advise you on their requirements and they will feel more engaged and supportive of the move.


4.      Timing is everything.

Not only that, but you must consider contingencies if, for example, your phone or IT system doesn’t run on day one.


5.      Other changes?

If you would like things to be different at the new premises (i.e. clear-desk policy, signing in process, etc.) then this is the moment to communicate this. Make sure that people understand why you are implementing the changes and don’t underestimate how upset some staff members may get about something that may seem trivial to you. Change can be unsettling so although it is important to stick to your guns, you will gain more engagement if you take the time to listen.


Source: SSG Manuela Grossmann

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