3 Things To Do in June

3 Things To Do in June

  • Date: Tuesday 23rd May 2017
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1.  Review your leaver reference template

We advise you to review your template and remove anything that may be subjective or risk a previous employee failing in their application for a new job.  Ensure your template provides for only factual data only such as 1. Job Title, 2. Start Date and 3. Leave date (see the Court Update article Tribunal win for man whose former employer provided discriminatory references for more details of the risk of including anything more).


2.  Refresher training on your IT Policy

Following the recent Wannacry ransomware attack we recommend holding awareness training with employees on your IT Policy to highlight the risks to the business of employee complacency regarding the e-mails that they receive.  With the recent high profile incident this is an ideal opportunity to highlight the potential impact to your business of a virus and individual employee responsibilities.  See News Article 3 for further details.


3.  Prepare for the Sun

We all know that the sun can have damaging health effects so if you haven’t yet: make sure your employees wear sun screen and hats when they work outdoors. Equally, sunlight in sensible doses is proven to have positive effects on body and mind, so why not encourage lunchtime al fresco for office workers and opening blinds throughout the day!

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