ASDA Workers Win Equal Pay Claim

ASDA Workers Win Equal Pay Claim

  • Date: Wednesday 26th October 2016

In a landmark decision, ASDA workers have been successful in the biggest ever equal pay claim.


More than 7000 workers can now pursue individual claims, which are estimated to mount up to £100 Million. The claim came on the back of a complaint that jobs were generally divided into ‘male’ and ‘female’ jobs, with the ‘male’ ones in distribution centres being paid at a higher rate.


ASDA argued that, because of geographical differences, shops were generally responsible for their own remuneration and no direct link could be established with the distribution centres. The courts disagreed and ruled in favour of workers being able to bring claims against ASDA, since they could have chosen to address the discrepancies but did not.


Sainsbury’s, who are currently sitting in waiting on a similar ruling, are now also likely to face claims from around 400 employees in a similar situation.


Source: Manuela Grossmann - SSG


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