Download the legislation update for October 2016

Download the legislation update for October 2016

  • Date: Tuesday 4th October 2016

The health and safety legislation changes for October 2016 have arrived.

This document, which comes courtesy of Barbour EHS, tells you exactly what’s changing from this Autumn, looks back at significant changes this year and gives you advance warning of things to come in 2017.

Being prepared for legislative changes is vital in your role as a health and safety practitioner. This document will help you understand which changes are coming in, how they might affect you and your company, and can ensure that you help communicate these changes effectively.

This legislation update includes information on:

A look back on six months of the new sentencing guidelines

Modern slavery acts

The new CDM regulations in Northern Ireland

Information on the regulations for inquiries into fatal accidents and sudden deaths

A look at ISO 45001

Amendments to the railways and safety management regulations in Northern Ireland

and more.

Barbour EHS offers both its own documents and a library of resources from organisations such as HSE, BIFM, DEFRA and the FIA.

Barbour produces a legislation update every six months.

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Source: SHP Online

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