Three things to do in October

Three things to do in October

  • Date: Thursday 29th September 2016

Annual Wage Reviews

  • Although most over 25’s are now covered by the National Living Wage, Apprentices and Minimum wage workers are due an increase in October, in line with statutory requirements.

Plan your Christmas rota

  • Many organisations go into overdrive over the Christmas period so if you haven’t already done so, plan your holidays carefully. If you are going into shut-down, your employees will need sufficient notice of how many days of annual leave they need to plan in. This should be agreed contractually so if you haven’t agreed anything in writing, make sure you communicate your plans ASAP.

10th October is World Mental Health Day

  • A number of organisations support the World Mental Health Day through charity donations, volunteering or simply by reviewing their own procedures and raising awareness. This year’s focus is ‘Dignity in Mental Health’. Please read our viewpoint article for more information or follow this link to the Mental Health Foundation website:


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