Do you Record People Data?

Do you Record People Data?

  • Date: Monday 27th June 2016

Most of our smaller HR Advisor members do not currently operate a HR database, due to costs or because they don’t see the value of a system that reaches beyond a spreadsheet. However, it’s worth considering how much a HR database can do for your business, especially when you are crossing the bridge from being a small to becoming a medium sized business.


Most organisations who have implemented a system would not go back, because it enables them to:

  • Record and monitor holiday accurately and automatically link this in with their payroll system.
  • Keep track of sickness absence patterns and collate notes on conversations that have been held as well as occupational health and doctors reports.
  • Maintain electronic records of contact details, next of kin etc, which makes things easier in emergencies.
  • Co-ordinate training and set reminders for expiry dates.
  • Generate reports on any data that has been captured.
  • Provide a platform for a paperless filing system, eradicating clutter and ensuring data protection compliance.


Many Accountancy packages come with an in-build HR database which is attached to the payroll module. The biggest cost in this case is populating the fields with data and maintaining it going forward. Alternatively you may want to explore cloud based solutions, which provide a low cost option that is also easily accessible. Please contact your HR Advisor for more details, we may be able to recommend systems that could suit your needs.


Source: Manuela Grossmann, SSG 


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