Sunday Working Unravelled

Sunday Working Unravelled

  • Date: Friday 3rd June 2016

Plans to extend Sunday trading hours were recently rejected in Parliament but the government is still putting the spotlight on shop workers by increasing their rights through the Enterprise Act 2016.


This is our factsheet of what’s to come for shop- and betting workers.

Current rights:

  • Employers must inform employees of their right to opt out of Sunday working.
  • Employees can give notice to opt out of Sunday working.
  • Employers cannot schedule workers for Sundays from three months after receiving the notice.
  • The Employer is not obliged to offer additional hours across the rest of the week to make up for hours lost on Sundays.

Going forward:

  • The above still applies, although the period of notice has been reduced to one month.
  • Employees can also object to working additional hours on Sundays beyond their contractual Sunday hours, without suffering detriment or discrimination.
  • Employers will be expected to issue a full statement of rights to employees within their first 2 months of employment.
  • The government are yet to release the implementation date of these changes but if you are affected, we recommend reviewing your procedures now in order to avoid fines.

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