Meet the Team - Terry Pike

Meet the Team - Terry Pike

  • Date: Friday 6th May 2016

Today's friend is Terry Pike and here are some facts about him: 

  • Terry has a number of Bonsai trees and previously taught wiring techniques at the Bonsai Nursery in St Mawgan
  • He has been bitten twice by Nile crocodiles!
  • Loves reptiles and has 5 snakes, Terry used to have a 5ft Iguana called Sam!

Terry has spent many years working in the construction industry. Initially from a trade background, he progressed into construction management, then construction safety management before becoming a health and safety consultant and joining SSG in 2013. In addition to considerable experience in the construction safety management field, Terry has broadened his experience into other industry sectors including the care sector, hospitality and agriculture.

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