Meet the Team - Ian Tagg

Meet the Team - Ian Tagg

  • Date: Friday 29th April 2016

Today's friend is Ian Tagg and here are some facts about him:
- is passionate about fire safety and was once asked to leave a supermarket because he spent an hour viewing the in house sprinkler system!
- has a fixation of never being late and once arrived at a clients on the correct day, at the correct time but one month early.
- lived in Hong Kong for 3 years and is competent in bamboo scaffolding, if a course is ever required!

Ian started his career within the Royal Navy serving in the Falklands, Bosnia, Iraqi, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan conflicts. His safety experience initially involved aviation safety where he controlled flight decks of aircraft carriers. His later roles included that of a damage control officer responsible for sea safety and a training officer for aviation safety and aircraft crash rescue.

Ian became a consultant in 2009 and is heavily involved in fire safety as an ex Home Office Fire Inspector and Graduate of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

Hi Ian!

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