Highest Death Toll in Construction According to HSE

Highest Death Toll in Construction According to HSE

  • Date: Friday 31st October 2008

Local Health and Safety firm SSG Training and Consultancy are highlighting the dangers of working in the construction industry this week after it was revealed by the HSE that there were more fatal injuries in the industry than any other in 2007/08.

HSE statistics showed that despite a fall in the number of fatalities from 77 to 72 in 2007/08, the construction industry remained the most dangerous of all professions.

Many of the accidents were caused by falls from heights or accidents involving transport onsite – many of which were easily preventable. SSG will be producing a variety of briefings covering a range of topics over the next few weeks which will include both falls from heights and onsite vehicle management as well as the prevention of Muscuolskeletal disorders which were also highest in the construction industry.

Although rates of fatal injuries have fallen over the years the statsitics for the most recent years show little change which is disappointing.

Mark Salmon, Managing Director of SSG Training and Consultancy believes the number of deaths remain unacceptably high. ‘We are pleased the numbers of fatalities have fallen in real terms but the figure still remains too high. Of particular concern are the incidents involving falls from heights as this type of accident can be easily prevented through the correct training and safe working procedures. Through our briefings we hope to provide westcountry firms with additional information that can ultimately help prevent accidents’.

The HSE have also recently lauched a campaign focusing on the dangers of asbestos. ‘Asbestos: the Hidden Killer’ campaign is hoping to highlight how exposure to materials containing the substance can prove fatal, and how safe working practises are vital in dealing with asbestos containing materials. Again this will also be a topic of focus for SSG briefings.

To sign up to receive SSG briefings or for more information on either the recent HSE statistics or the ‘Asbestos: the Hidden Killer’ campaign, contact SSG on 08700 43 47 43.

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