Meet the Team - Julie Hutt

Meet the Team - Julie Hutt

  • Date: Monday 14th March 2016

Today's friend is Julie Hutt and here are some facts about her: 

  • Has lived and worked a considerable amount of time abroad in a variety of interesting countries, including Romania, Venezuela and Bolivia. As a result I can an order a glass of wine in 7 different languages.
  • Love the great outdoors – camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking, body-boarding – especially passionate about skiing
  • Plans to become a fully qualified yoga teacher before 60 – Om!

Julie has developed management systems and complementary software packages for a variety of multinational companies throughout the world. Her diverse background and experience enables her to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to SSG and its clients. Julie is also active in the ongoing development of new products and services here at SSG.

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