Reminder for Seasonal Site Shut Down

Reminder for Seasonal Site Shut Down

  • Date: Monday 14th December 2015

The Health and Safety Executive have issued a timely reminder about securing sites to reduce the risks of accidents during the Christmas shut-down.

Before closing sites, contractors should carry out checks to ensure loose material is secure and scaffolding is properly supported. It should be checked particularly in light of the recent bad weather.

If the site will be closed for a significant period, it may be sensible to arrange for regular checks to take place to ensure that the site remains safe and secure.

The below HSE links provide useful guidance:
 Construction Safety Topics Index

• Construction Safety Topic - Site organisation

• Construction Safety Topic - Scaffolding Checklist

• Construction Safety Topic - Protecting the public 

 In addition, some advice for those working outdoor as the weather turns colder.

• Cold environments 

We do hope this helps with your holiday plans. 





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