Keeping hands safe and dry

Keeping hands safe and dry

  • Date: Monday 14th December 2015

A new protective glove has been launched by Globus – the Showa 381, which they say offers increased comfort as well as protection for workers carrying out a variety of tasks, from assembly work to the handling of oily components. According to Globus, the glove provides a high level of abrasion resistance (EN388 Level 4) and allows the necessary dexterity for intricate tasks to be easily completed.


The firm explain that while the glove is extremely hard-wearing it is also lightweight; the thickness of the palm is only 0.90mm. It’s ideal for use in manufacturing environments as well as the mechanical, construction, logistics and utilities sectors, they add.


Globus go on to highlight that the glove features a 0.52 denier Showa-engineered microfibre yarn within the lining to help remove perspiration from the surface of the hand. The microporous nitrile palm coating allows the warm air and moisture from inside to permeate out. Together, this helps to keep hands dry and comfortable and aids productivity, they say.


An embossed pattern to the nitrile foam palm channels oil and grease away, allowing grip to be maintained even over long periods, explains the firm, noting that microfibre fabric is commonly used by athletes as it has a high capacity to absorb sweat and water, while avoiding irritation.


Steve Shale, Marketing Manager of Globus said: “Comfort and performance lie at the heart of the entire Showa glove philosophy. Patented production processes result in un-replicable products, with the Showa 381 being the latest such example. Its technologies mean that workers can now experience the ultimate in glove comfort when carrying out tasks that require precise handling and ‘wave goodbye’ to the uncomfortable feeling of sweaty hands.”



Source: SHP Online

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