SSG Supports UKATA campaign with Free Asbestos Training

SSG Supports UKATA campaign with Free Asbestos Training

  • Date: Wednesday 15th July 2015

Thousands of tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts are still at risk, says training association. DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople running small businesses are to be offered free asbestos safety training that could save their lives, thanks to a new exclusive national campaign being launched by UKATA, the UK Asbestos Training Association. 

Entitled ‘Train Safe, Work Safe, Keep Safe’, the campaign will see UKATA members offering free asbestos training during September and October this year as a means of highlighting the dangers of asbestos and the need for essential training for those who may encounter the substance. This campaign is predominantly aimed at small companies and individual tradespeople who may not otherwise have previously known about, or received such training.

“In the last few years our members have delivered over half a million asbestos training courses but we are all too aware there are still thousands of tradespeople who have not received asbestos training of any kind,” said Craig Evans, General Manager of UKATA. “They are at risk of inadvertently coming into contact with deadly fibres if they disturb asbestos during building work and for this reason our members are generously offering free training at their own expense to individual tradespeople who may be unaware that such training exists.”

Every week in the UK, 20 tradespeople die from diseases caused by exposure to asbestos fibres as long ago as the 1950s through to 1983, when strict safety guidelines on the use and removal of asbestos were introduced. The weekly toll includes eight joiners, six electricians and four plumbers, with experts predicting the UK’s annual death rate of 5,000 will soar in the next five years. Damage caused to the lungs by asbestos inhalation can lay dormant for up to 50 years and a huge number of late-stage cases are about to be diagnosed, says UKATA. 

These statistics are the prime reason why UKATA members are keen to offer training to individual tradespeople as they may be unaware of the regulations or the dangers asbestos. As committed professionals UKATA members believe that offering free asbestos awareness training is a way of delivering the message to this sector of industry and their generosity is commendable.

“SSG welcome the opportunity to be involved in such a worthwhile initiative” said Michael Cash, Operations Director at SSG.  “Though there is little that can be done to help those already suffering the effects of asbestos from exposure years ago, we can help prevent this hidden killer claiming another generation by ensuring good quality and accessible training is available. Hopefully the free hours we have pledged will make a difference to how tradesmen in the region approach jobs – putting their health first.”

For more information on the limited number of free places being provided by SSG from 1st September to 30th October, contact our customer service team on 01752 201616 or email and quote reference FREEAA2015.   

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