It's Official, CDM Regulations 2015 are in Force

It's Official, CDM Regulations 2015 are in Force

  • Date: Tuesday 7th April 2015

It's official, the new CDM regulations came into force as of the 6th of April, 2015.

Construction clients, consultants or contractors with poor health and safety standards face increase liability and risk of legal action under new CDM regulations introduced this week.

Health and safety chiefs have given the industry six months grace to switch over to the new CDM regulations on existing projects.

The new regulations recognise the influence and importance of the client as the head of the supply chain and that they are best placed to set standards throughout a project.

Now, construction clients are required by law to meet several requirements in ensuring health and safety on construction projects.

They must: 

  • assemble a competent professional team and ensure that the roles of team members are clear
  • ensure sufficient time and resources are allocated at appropriate stages of the project to adequately and appropriately deal with health and safety issues
  • ensure that there are effective mechanisms in place for project team communication and that they work.
  • provide suitable welfare facilities for the duration of the construction work.

When a client delegates these responsibilities to a professional team or contractor, it must ensure they have the skill, training, expertise and capacity to carry these out.

If the wrong firm is appointed, responsibility may fall on the client.

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