Safety Tips for Driving in Fog

Safety Tips for Driving in Fog

  • Date: Thursday 30th October 2014

With the South West currently covered in a veil of fog here is a timely reminder of how to handle foggy driving conditions.

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather conditions. An accident involving one vehicle can quickly involve many others, especially if they are driving too close to one another.

If you must drive:

·         Follow weather forecasts and general advice to drivers in the local and national media

·         Allow plenty of extra time for your journey

·         Check your car before you set off. Make sure everything is in good working order, especially the lights

·         Reduce your speed and keep it down

·         Switch on headlights and fog lamps if visibility is reduced

·         If you can see the vehicles to your rear, the drivers behind can see you – switch off your rear fog lamps to avoid dazzling them

·         Use the demister and windscreen wipers

·         Do not 'hang on' to the rear lights of the car in front as you will be too close to be able to brake safely

·         Switch off distracting noises and open the window slightly so that you can listen for other traffic, especially at crossroads and junctions

·         Beware of speeding up immediately visibility improves slightly. In patchy fog you could find yourself 'driving blind' again only moments later

·         If you break down, inform the police and get the vehicle off the road as soon as possible. Never park on the road in fog and never leave it without warning lights of some kind if it is on the wrong side of the road

Take care and avoid driving in fog unless your journey is absolutely necessary.


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