HSE Urged to Increase Inspection Rates

HSE Urged to Increase Inspection Rates

  • Date: Tuesday 29th April 2008

An increase in the rate of inspections being carried out throughout the UK should be the HSE’s main target, says a report by the Department of Work and Pensions into the role of the (former) HSC and HSE in regulating workplace health and safety.

The report highlights how at present business can expect an inspection once every 14.5 years, a figure which is simply not enough to act as a deterrent.  The report highlights the results of the recent HSE ‘refurbishment blitz’, which led to 30 per cent of 1000 sites inspected receiving an enforcement notice, clear evidence of the importance of inspections in ensuring employers comply with health and safety laws.

However responsibilities extending into other areas are placing an increasing strain on the already scarce resources.  The report calls on the DWP to consider the resource issues before placing further responsibilities on resources that are already at capacity.

For more information and to read the entire report visit  http://www.dressesshow.co.uk/special-occasion-dresses-c-6.html

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