Site Waste Management Plans: Are You Ready?

Site Waste Management Plans: Are You Ready?

  • Date: Thursday 27th March 2008

From 6th April 2008, all new construction projects worth more than £300,000 must have a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) in place.  The legislation has been brought in to deal with the increasing number of environmental issues involved with construction materials, products and equipment. 

A SWMP is a live document that must be updated throughout the course of the project.  By producing the plan at the start of the project, the client can consider ways that waste can be reduced and site-gained materials can be reused or recycled as part of the project.   

It is the client\'s responsibility for the initial production of the Site Waste Management Plan, with the Principal Contractor being key to updating and maintaining the plan.  The Principal Contractor is also responsible for keeping the SWMP on site and making other contractors aware of its existence. 

Site Waste Management Plans should contain a variety of information including; details of the client, principal contractor, author, site location and estimated project cost.  The requirement for additional information will be dependent on the estimated cost of the project.  At the end of the project, the plan should be reviewed and the reasons for any differences between the plan and what actually happened should be recorded. 

SSG will be providing a one day course on Site Waste Management Plans which will include a review of the new legislation, what you need to do for compliance and practical skills on how to complete a Site Waste Management Plan.  For more information contact our administration team on 08700 43 47 43 or visit our website.  

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