Lack of flexibility a driver for women to consider leaving their job

Lack of flexibility a driver for women to consider leaving their job

  • Date: Tuesday 24th May 2022
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Research by LinkedIn has shown that 52% of women say a lack of flexibility at work has pushed them to leave or consider leaving a job. The research has shown that perceptions about a lack of flexibility can hinder women’s careers.

The research showed that 21% of women felt their career progression had been negatively impacted by a lack of flexible working. 25% of women had taken a career break because of the same issue.

By contrast 80% of hiring managers have stated that they now offer employees increased levels of flexibility following the pandemic. 78% of managers also believe that they offer enough flexibility to balance work and life commitments. They also noted increased confidence from women to ask for more flexibility in work arrangements.

What will most help prevent women leaving a role?

The research found that the following would be the most help to women:

• Flexible start and finish times

• Increased annual leave entitlement

• A four-day week

• An ability to work remotely on days of their choosing

The research shows how important it is for organisations to understand what their workforce actually needs, otherwise there is a risk that talented women will leave for a different job that does offer the flexibility they require.

It is also worth noting that employers who advertise jobs as having flexible working options have found an increase in applicant numbers. There are multiple factors driving this ranging from parental care responsibilities to a need to access further education.

Candidates are attracted to the employers that offer the benefits they need and which have the same shared values.

Source: Gavin Parrott

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