Rebuilding company culture post-pandemic

Rebuilding company culture post-pandemic

  • Date: Tuesday 28th September 2021
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Recent research by Staffcircle has found that 42% of employees believe their company culture has deteriorated since the beginning of the pandemic and 43% of employees said their engagement levels had also dropped. These effects have increased labour turnover for many organisations as less engaged employees choose to change employer.

A potential driver for the deterioration in culture and engagement is poor communication, with 46% of employees surveyed saying communications from their employer had been inadequate during the pandemic. HR leaders surveyed reported that employee turnover had increased since Covid restrictions had lifted which aligns with another finding that 3 of 10 employees were more likely to leave their jobs post-pandemic.

What can employers do to attract and retain employees?

  • Hold regular two-way communication with all employees – this is more crucial than ever in a world of remote and hybrid working patterns.
  • Communicate your company mission and vision so the team understand your culture.
  • Check what employees actually know and don’t assume anything.
  • Repeat key messages and provide regular updates.
  • Ask the workforce what communication works best for them and be ready to adapt .
  • Ensure your leaders are visible to the teams. Visibility can include attendance at team meetings, all staff meetings and roundtables. It can be pre-recorded video messages and regular updates.
  • Trial new methods of communication and seek out feedback on the effectiveness. Try newsletters, monthly meetings with workforce representatives etc.
  • Conduct stay interview and identify the action you need to take to retain key talent.


Find out more on stay interviews and how to prevent internal talent from leaving here.

Source: Gavin Parrott


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