Data Protection Policy


SSG Training and Consultancy Ltd is committed to operating in a way that complies fully with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR). SSG recognises that the data legitimately required to carry out its business must be collected, processed, stored and disposed of fairly, lawfully and with due regard to confidentiality. 


Collecting and Processing Your Data

  • Data provided to us for marketing purposes is obtained through lawful means and by organisations fully compliant with GDPR.
  • SSG maintains a Data Processor Register, which ensures that all our suppliers, providers and associated agencies are sufficiently qualified to competently manage data on our behalf. To establish competence, we may request questionnaires to be completed or obtain the organisation’s data protection policy. The Data Processor Register is reviewed on a regular basis and updated as and when necessary.
  • All database management systems have been implemented with ‘privacy by design’ in mind. Our IT systems are maintained and kept secure in accordance with our comprehensive IT Policy.
  • We maintain transparency and before contacting customers about our services, we establish consent. We will always ask for the data subject’s informed consent before passing data on to an external provider who does not form part of our core business.
  • Data is solely kept and maintained for the purpose indicated to the data subject. Old data is erased, securely destroyed or archived as appropriate and in line with our legislative or business requirements.


Systems and Training 

  • We are committed to critically reviewing our systems and procedures on an ongoing basis and have an established team of competent staff members, who continually scrutinise the way we operate. We conduct an annual data audit, research best practice and collaborate with other businesses to establish best practice.
  • We aim to maintain first class standards of data safety through our non-conformance system, which enables all team members to any raise concerns, suggestions and ideas for improvement.
  • All team members and associates are regularly briefed in the importance of data safety, via toolbox talks and training sessions.
  • Our senior management team is fully engaged and committed to follow advice and guidance provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and sets exceptional data safety standards for the organisation.



  • The overall responsibility for data safety at SSG Training and Consultancy Ltd lies with the directors of the business.
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office provides guidance and direction on individual rights and responsibilities:


Raising Concerns

If you are concerned about the way in which we collect or process your data, or if you have questions about our policies and procedures, please contact our DPO Mark Salmon via email: or phone01752 201616 


Equality and Diversity Policy

Please also find below a copy of our Equality and Diversity Policy 

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