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Legionella Awareness: Control of Legionella in Water Systems

The course introduces delegates to the risk from Legionellosis and what controls should be put into place.  It pays due regard to Approved Code of Practice L8 (Fourth edition) applying to the control of the legionella bacteria and HSG274 Part 1 Published 2013, technical guidance regarding water systems. 

This half day course is designed for all employees who have a responisibility regarding the risks from Legionellosis, including the Duty Holder, Responsible Person and those undertaking tests and maintaining records.  The course is essential for the Responsible Person.

The duty holder should specifically appoint a competent person or persons to take day-to-day responsibility for controlling any identified risk from legionella bacteria, known as the ‘responsible person’.  


Course Programme

  • The risk from Legionellosis and its effect on the individual
  • Identification and assessment of the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems on the premises and any precautionary measures needed
  • Completion of a legionella risk assessment taking into account the individual nature of each site and considering the risk to individuals
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Duty Holder and the appointment of a Responsible Person; 
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Responsible Person
  • Development of a written Scheme of Control.  The written scheme should specify measures to take to ensure that it remains effective
  • Maintenance of suitable records of examinations, tests and repairs of control measures
  • Responsibilities of Designers, Manufacturers, Importers, Suppliers and Installers. 


Course Fees

Open Courses - Courses are delivered throughout the year at our regional training centres.  The cost per delegate is £125.00 plus VAT.  The Training Bundles fee per delegates is £110.00 plus VAT.

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Private Courses - If you have 6 or more delegates a private course at a venue of your choice may be a more suitable and cost effective option. Contact our administration team on 01752 201616 for more information.  


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  • Start date: Thursday 1st January 1970 (01:00)
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